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Zagoria Discovery Tour

Gjirokaster - Gjirokaster
10-11 hours
Group Size
15 people
All Year

Experience the best of Zagoria with our Zagoria Discovery Tour, departing at 08:30 from Cerciz Topulli Square. Traverse rugged terrain to Arshi Lengo, visit Labova of Cross, then explore Drino Valley and Selcka Waterfall. Enjoy lunch with local flavors before discovering Nivani Monastery and Bridge. Conclude with an off-road ascent to Cajupi Valley before returning to Gjirokaster.

 What to Bring:

We recommend bringing comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a camera for capturing the amazing landscapes. Most importantly, bring a sense of adventure and curiosity!

Terms and Conditions:

•       Minimum group 4Pax  (12-75 years old)

•       Bookings must be accepted at least 12 hours in advance of the starting time.

•       Please inform us of any allergies, food allergies, chronic diseases, or surgeries you have had in the past.

•      Dress Code: Proper shoes for hiking, sunglasses, appropriate attire for hiking, sun cream, swimming suit and extra water.

We invite you to join us for this unforgettable 4x4 tour, where every turn offers a new adventure and every stop reveals a unique slice of Albanian culture and natural beauty. This journey promises to be a remarkable experience, filled with excitement, discovery, and the warmth of Albanian hospitality.

For more check out the below itinerary



08:30 from Cerciz Topulli Square

Arshi Lengo and Drino Valley Expedition (Morning)
Start your day with an exciting 4x4 adventure, departing from Cerciz Topulli Square. Travel through rugged terrain and scenic routes towards Arshi Lengo, enjoying the beauty of the landscape along the way. Continue your journey through the Drino Valley, passing by the peaceful Doftia Lake.
Labova of Cross Exploration
Visit the charming village of Labova of Cross. Here, explore the Church of the Birth of the Mother Mary, one of Albania's most significant Orthodox Churches. Take a moment to appreciate the spiritual atmosphere of this historic site. Enjoy a short break with a cup of traditional Albanian coffee before we move on.
Selcka Waterfall Discovery (Midday)

Head deeper into the wilderness as we make our way to the Selcka Waterfall. Enjoy a short hike, navigating rocky paths to reach the waterfall. Take a refreshing swim in the cool waters, surrounded by nature.

Local Cuisine Experience in Polican (Lunchtime)
Recharge with a delicious lunch featuring locally sourced products from the farmers of Polican. Savour the authentic flavours of Albanian cuisine.
Nivani Monastery and Bridge Exploration (Afternoon)
Visit the tranquil Nivani Monastery, nestled in the wilderness. Admire the architectural beauty of Nivani Bridge, showcasing the craftsmanship of past generations.
Cajupi Valley Expedition (Late Afternoon):
Go off-road as we climb into the Cajupi Valley. Navigate winding trails and rugged terrain, taking in the stunning views of the landscape.
Return to Gjirokaster (Evening):
As the day ends, we'll head back to Gjirokaster. Reflect on the day's adventures and enjoy the memories made during our tour.

Terms of Service

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90 EUR