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Horseback Riding Tour In Gjinofshat

Asim Zeneli Village - Gjirokaster
1.5 Hours
Group Size
10 people
All Year ( 09 : 00 / 12 : 00 )
Horseback riding tour in Gjinofshat – the ancient territory of the Epirot village
This experience is suitable for people who are in good physical shape and have ridden a few times before. The pace of movement is low and average, but the terrain has strong breaks.


The departure will take place from the horse center above the village “Asim Zeneli”. The horse will be selected by the instructor according to its level, weight and height. Initially, the ridge of the hill above the main road that crosses the Antigone unit will be traversed through the village. The panorama is very pleasant as it allows people to see the hills of the valley on both sides. We will take the east direction after a moderately steep descent.

The route crosses a small coniferous pine massif with strong uphill and downhill breaks that is one of the particularly beautiful segments of this tour. On the outskirts of the village of Krína, we will begin the ascent towards Gjinofshat, a territory of blooming lawns of rare beauty. Once Gjinofshati was an orchard paradise, filled with fruit trees from cherries, pears, figs, quinces, apples, walnuts, pomegranates, plums, etc., while today only a small part of them remain. In its medieval past, this territory was a ciflig owned by the beylers from Gjirokastra. Traces of the dwellings of the villagers employed to maintain this property are still visible today. Today, Gjinofshati is administered by the village of Krína mainly as a pasture for small cattle and cows.

In its ancient past, Gjinofshati coincides with the rural area that surrounded the ancient city of Antigone, built in 295 BC by Pyrrhus of Epirus. Traces of the Epirote village and agricultural activity have been found in this area from random excavations, but in-depth studies about its extent, population and importance are still lacking.


Upon arrival in Gjinofshat, there will be a short break for photographs, explanations about the ancient and modern history, the rich vegetation and its role in the lives of the inhabitants.

This is a moment when you can feel proud of the first part of the horse journey because the hardest part has been overcome.

The return to the horse center starts with the gradual descent towards the stream of Krina which is below the level of the main road and then we start the ascent again. In every season of the year the returning landscape has rare beauty. The only thing that changes are the colors.

We cross the crest of the hills again on the main road that crosses Antigone and arrive at the horse center from the same direction we started. This is the end of this experience. We guarantee that at this moment you will have received many emotions.

Terms and conditions:

Included: Horse, 2 technical guides at the beginning and end of the group, safety equipment, helmet and chaps (foot protection), water for the whole trip.

Not included: Food, transportation to and from the center.

Instructions for booking this trip:

This trip is recommended to be booked by people who are in good physical condition and are engaged in other activities.
For this trip, the weight limit is 90 kg, while the age limit for inexperienced persons is 14 years (accompanied by at least one parent).
For people who have a good level of riding, the age limit starts from 8 years old and must also be accompanied by at least one parent.
Riding is a discipline with strict rules and every advice of the group leader is mandatory to be followed to maintain safety.
For this trip you can take something small to eat with you and you can use the stop in Gjinofshat to consume it. (sandwich or fruit)

Dress code:

Long pants (denim)

Hiking shoes with a heel up to 2 cm, preferably with a collar or riding boots.

Plain cotton t-shirts or shirts

Sun protection cream

A small bag tied around the waist to hold small personal items (cell phone, etc.)

Not allowed:

Jewelry is not allowed while riding.

Attending in shorts

“Flying” clothes that can become an object of fear for the horse (such as a cape that can blow in the wind, long scarves, etc.)

It is not allowed to ride with a backpack.

It is not allowed to ride with sneakers, slippers, sandals, etc

Large cameras and arm-to-neck cameras are not allowed.

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Terms of Service

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