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Cooking Class Lazarat

Gjirokaster - Gjirokaster
1-2 Hours
Group Size
25 people
All year (11:00/18:00)

Experience Authentic Village Cooking in Lazarat! 

Join Lori and Her Family

What will you cook:

This is a culinary journey guided by Lori and her warm-hearted family, who have been rooted in Lazarat for generations. As you enter their cozy garden kitchen, the aroma of freshly ground herbs and simmering stews envelops you in a comforting embrace.

During your time together, Lori will share stories of her grandmother’s recipes and the time-honored traditions passed down through their family. You’ll roll up your sleeves and join in the preparation of the traditional petanik, which holds a special place in Albanian cuisine, revered for its simplicity and exquisite taste. This traditional dish is crafted from a blend of flour, cheese, olive oil, and aromatic herbs, carefully layered and cooked to perfection in natural fire.

The second recipe that you will cook with Lori is stuffed Petulla. This is a beloved rural dish, cherished for its crispy exterior and delectable fillings. In this traditional recipe, the base is made from flour dough, meticulously crafted to form round shapes using a wooden rolling pin. Once shaped, these dough rounds are filled with a bio mixture of vegetables, olives, and cheese before being fried to golden perfection in oil.

The third recipe you will cook is hasude a delightful Albanian dessert, celebrated for its simplicity and irresistible flavor. In this traditional recipe, a rich mixture of butter, cornstarch sugar, honey, and nuts is cooked to perfection in a pan, infused with the delicate aroma of seasonal flowers.

Churning dhalla is a cherished tradition in Albanian culture, symbolizing community and togetherness. In this immersive experience with Lori and her family in Lazarat, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in this ancient practice using a traditional wooden churn. The process involves churning milk inside a long, narrow wooden vessel with a wooden handle until the butter separates from the buttermilk.

A Village with a Story:

Lazarat has a unique history that it’s now moving past. Once known for its marijuana cultivation, the village has undergone significant changes in recent years. While the past may have been tumultuous, the present is filled with hope and resilience as the community works to embrace new opportunities, including sharing its rich culinary traditions with visitors.

Why Choose Lori’s Kitchen:

Personalized Experience: Connect with locals and immerse yourself in Lazarat’s vibrant culture.

Authenticity: Taste the true flavors of Albania with dishes crafted live by yourself.

Warm Hospitality: Feel like part of the family as Lori and her loved ones welcome you into their home.

Support Local Communities: Your visit contributes to sustainable tourism and helps support small businesses to grow.

Take Home Authentic Flavors! 

Before you go, swing by Lori’s farm stand located in the garden next to the cooking class. Stock up on local delights like olive oil, honey, nuts, and dried fruits. Support Lori’s family and the community while capturing the essence of Lazarat to enjoy at home.


Reserve your spot at least 1 day in advance to secure your place!

Included: Transportation to and from the village, expert guidance, all cooking ingredients, an additional recipe, refreshing salads, traditional light yogurt (dhalle) and raki.

Not included: Souvenirs extra drinks, what isn’t mentioned in the description

Terms of Service

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46 EUR