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Old Houses


At Zekate House, you're in for a ripper experience, mate! It's the only museum in town open until late, and it's one of the best-preserved houses in Gjirokaster. Built between 1811-1812 for Beqir Zeko, a top bloke under Ali Pasha, this grand tower-house offers stunning views of the river valley from the top.

This three-storey beauty is a fortress with strong defensive features. The ground floor has storage, a kitchen, and a cistern. The first floor has living quarters, and the top floor boasts a grand reception room and ornate smaller rooms. The beautifully decorated oda and çardak, with frescoed walls, a carved ceiling, and an ornate fireplace, showcase the rich history and architecture of the city.

The house's dry stone masonry walls are a marvel, built without mortar, and connected by gates to three different yards. The stones are cleverly stacked to keep out rainwater.

Entry is 300 lek or 3 EUR , and it’s open daily from 8:00 to late evening. 

After exploring, chill in the courtyard with a cold one from the bar, soaking up the peace and tranquility.