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Gjirokaster, Albania


The Zalli Tekke in Gjirokastra was built in 1780. This tekke was built by Sayyid Asim Baba.

It was sent from the Bektashi center to Haji Bektash. He came to Gjirokastra with the rank of “Grandpa”. It comes from the prophetic family that reaches to the Holy Imam Ali Bin Abu Talib. Other missionaries, such as Arshi Baba and others, had arrived in Gjirokastra before, but did not create Bektashi shrine in the semi-Muslim areas of southern Albania. Sayyid Asim The father enjoys the title of Sayyid because he belongs to the race of imams and his biography is written on the plaque in his Tyrben in Zalli’s Tekk. The Tekke would play an extraordinary role with its Albanian clergy in the Albanian Great Renaissance. The Tekke was raised by the religious establishment, as it became a national and religious institute under Baba Ali Haqi Elbasan. From this tekke came great patriotic clergymen who in the Great Albanian Renaissance played a key role in our lands for the birth of a free and independent Albania. Such as Ali Haqi Elbasani were also his dervishes Baba Hajdar Kardhiqi, Baba Zenel Gjoksi, Baba Qamil Melani, Baba Selim Elbasani. There were created from this tekke, other tekke like that of Shtifi or Hyderabad, Meske Teka or Baba Majdun Durballia Tekke, Baba Qamil Melani Tekke.

The Tekke can be visited easily because it is situated in Gjirokastra.