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Rruga Hysen Hoxha, Gjirokastër, Albania


The Ethnographic Museum is located on the site of former house of communist dictator Enver Hoxha. The fire destroyed the original house where Enver Hoxha was born (in 1908). Reconstructed during 1964-1966, not as a replica of Hoxha’s house, but as a model of the traditional houses of Gjirokastra. The house has many classic cultural elements copied from other beautiful houses of city.

Even though it is identified as the house of the dictator, inside there is nothing related to Enver Hoxha, nor his belongings, objects or furniture from his real house, and nothing about his history. The interiors replicate those of the finest Gjirokastra houses of the 19th century. The rooms are arranged as they would actually have been used. Decorations are with cultural artifacts, household items, folk costumes, clothing and kitchenware etc.

Ticket prices:

Individual ticket – 500 lek

Groups of Over 5 people – 400 lek

Students – 300 lek

Children, invalids – 200 lek