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Permet, Natural Attractions


It is located near the village of Stërbec, 600 m above sea level. The water falls below the top peak of the Nemërçkë mountain from fluvio-glacial deposits, thus forming a large karstic spring and the waterfall with a height of 20 m. Water noise is heard at a fairly large distance. It creates a stunningly beautiful scenery. The waterfall is one of the most visited places of visitors coming to Permet.

This trail offers amazing views of the most dramatic southern face of Nëmërçka Mountain including the natural monument of Cirku Akullnajor Nëmërçkës (the glacial of Nëmërçka). This glacial has the shape of a giant armchair with two kilometers of length and 600 meters of width.

You can park at the Stëmbec village at a nice meadow before the center of the village and then follow the dirt road uphill west. After reaching the center of the village take the narrow stone rood lined by houses. Follow the stone road for some meters uphill and automatically you will get to the trail head. The trail is clear and goes gently uphill with marvelous views towards Nëmërçka Mountain. From here you can also see the waterfall at the gorge and the trail is easily identifiable. It has some exposed parts but safe to pass.

Credits: Cesvi