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Restaurant Sedat Ismailati


Restaurant Sedat Ismailati

Sedat restaurant is located in the opposite of the Shanisha Castle in Libohove town.

Situated in front of the Shanisha Castle, built by Ali Pashe Tepelena for his sister, this restaurant in Libohova, for 20 years offers the best quality and taste of traditional cooking in this area.

Early dawn Sedati takes care to select fresh and high-quality meat (mostly sheep and goat) brought by the village shepherds, dairy products from the dairies of the area, fresh vegetables, various and unique herbs from small local farmers which provide the best quality for his dishes.

A perfect selection of traditioanal dishes like a pie crust, roast lamb, shapkat (a mixture of sorrels and cornour) sarma or japrak (stuffed grape leaves with rice and mint) with pumpkin flowers etc assist you to have a great meal.

The restaurant offers captivating, vivifying indoor and outdoor ambient.  Furthermore, the second floor of the building, with a capacity of 120 people can be reserved for having wonderful family events too.