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Restaurant Enea

Piskove, Permet

Restaurant Enea

“Restaurant “Enea” is located in the village of Piskovë on the national road that connects Këlcyrë-Përmet. The restaurant has an indoor capacity of 70 seats and an outdoor capacity of 40 additional seats. The restaurant was first opened 21 years ago after the owner returned with a few years of experience as a chef in Greece. The restaurant is famous throughout Permet district for cooking traditional roast dishes that everyone loves. It offers professional service and free parking.


• roast meat in a wood stove

• traditional soup

• dried meat

• traditional pie

• village chicken with rice and stuffing

• milk pie

• steak , pork chops, roast

• different salads, grilled vegetables

• pickled vegetables, peppers with cheese

• sauce shakull

The restaurant also offers a personalized menu to the customer requirements.