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Touristic Villages


The village of Nevaprishta is the largest village of the administrative unit “Center Libohova” in the Municipality of Libohova. There are several cultural monuments, such as the Castle of Melan, the Aqueduct at the Tekke of Melan, the Paleo-Christian Church of Manastareq, the Tekke of Melan which is thought to be an extension of the ancient Illyrian city of Antigone or erected in the footsteps of a still unknown Illyrian city.

The Protected Area of ​​Melani Castle is a cultural monument from 1963 with an area of ​​87 thousand m2 and the Chestnuts of Nepravishta. Also near the village of Nepravishtë is the Nepravishta or Vrizi Spring, a karst spring with clean and cold water that creates a very attractive environment for tourists. It has scientific, geological, geomorphological, hydrological, cultural, didactic, tourist values ​​and is a natural monument. The village of Nepravishte is located near this spring among the fruit trees, vineyards, greenery, where the houses of the Nepravishtjots stand, some of them cultural monuments of the tower type. In the center of the village is the centuries-old nepravishta maple that preserves the history of the area. Nepravishta is a village also known for its values ​​in agricultural products.

In addition to popular archeological sites, another tourist opportunity has been added to the south of the country. It is about the path that nearly 200 years ago was traversed by the famous English poet Lord Byron. The poet’s notes and the correspondence with his mother published in a book, represent the journey in a virgin territory like that of Albania at that time, which for many foreign visitors has remained the same today. Lord Byron came to Albania after having previously passed through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece. His tour lasts 10 days through horseback riding in areas such as Nepravishta, Libohova, Erindi, Zagoria and Këlcyra. The journey “In the footsteps of Lord Byron” has aroused great interest not only for English tourists, but also for Australians and Canadians.

The location to the right of the Drino River at the foot of Mount Bureto, between the medieval town of Libohova and the ancient Illyrian town of Melanie, is a position that constantly attracts the interest of visitors and tourists. Nepravishta is one of the most dominant settlements in the Drino Valley, which carries several dozen sites and settlements of antiquity, Byzantium and the Middle Ages, such as Hadrianopolis, Seloja, Melani, Libohova, Gjirokastra, Antigonea, Labova e Kryqit, etc. Various travelers have stopped there, such as Lord Byron, Henry Holland, Martin Lake, Puckeville and many others. Near the village there are also two rare cult objects, the Bektashi Tekke of Melan and the Byzantine Church of Vrahogoranxia created by the famous painter Onufri. Bureto Mountain above the village is a tempting offer for climbing and hiking in the warm seasons and an extraordinary experience to enjoy the presence of snow in the cold season. The Nepravishtjots are generous, hospitable and hardworking people. These natural and cultural attractions transform them into great opportunities for the development of integrated rural tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism and agritourism. Nepravishta has many secrets and is worthy of being included in the package of 100 tourist villages of Albania.