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Ferma Grand Albanik

Ballaban, Kelcyre

Grand Albanik Farm is situated amidst untouched nature, is located 35 km from the city of Permet, 17 km from the town of Kelcyra. At the foot of Trebeshina Mountain it’s surrounded by magnificent rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains and forests that offers endless opportunities for hiking, climbing, swimming, fishing, etc.

The main farm building, reconstructed with natural and ecological materials such as stone and wood has a historical memory, and the history goes on through their story…

The hosts in this different experience will discover to you the authentic Albania, outside the tourist circuits, off the main roads, amidst the natural wonder.

All vacationers are involved in daily activities organized on or off the farm.

The in-farm kitchen and shop supplied with mainly farm products and cooperative farm families around it, contributes to the economic development of this mountainous area that continues to suffer rural exodus.

Activities :

1. Kitchen course

2. Outdoor adventure and survival

3. Yoga and meditation

4. Permaculture

5. Hiking

6. Horse riding

7. Rafting and canyoning

8. Picnic and outdoor camping

The evenings around the sound of the guitar and the bubbly fire extend sweetly the summer nights beneath the immensity of the stars in a warm multilingual conversation.

The farm bio-boutique gives you the opportunity to take home a little of your holiday taste.

Grand Abanik Farm… Delights of endless memories! See you soon !

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